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What The Health?!

Updated: May 29

A Health Coach is NOT an evolution of a Life Coach...

Right about now you may be scratching your head!

I truly wish we could put into one word what a Health Coach is.

Here is the simplest we could think of... A Health Coach develops a long-term plan for specific health problems or conditions. Health Coaches stay involved throughout the whole process, helping you make changes along the way, motivating you, and facilitating that process.

Different from all the other coaches, they help to fight chronic health problems such as irritable bowl syndrome, upset stomach, fatigue, and so much more! It's a mindful approach with clients, not magic, but connection so as to bring balance and alignment. They ask a lot of questions that encourage you to really look at what feeds your body, mind, and spirit.

Holistic protocols from tinctures to other natural remedies to enable the body to self-heal. Would love to say it's MAGIC... it's not, it just feels like it!

Still saying,"what the health?! "

Don't worry, results speak for themselves, and they work in conjunction with other systems of medicine, care, and coaches. A health coach finds out where you are on your health journey, meets you there, and guides you along, improving your health by setting up an action plan to move you forward and get you feeling your best!

"Would love to say it's MAGIC... it's not, it just feels like it!"

Book your FREE one-on-one consultation.. and find out

"What the Health We Are Talking About!"

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