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Did Someone Say Cookies?

Updated: May 29

If there was a cookie-cutter program, we would all be on it!

Wouldn't that be great?! EVERYONE gets perfect results! Yay!

Well, unfortunately, it's NOT like that. You are as unique as your fingerprint, so a nutritional plan needs to be uniquely designed for you.

We want real lasting results, not temporary changes that just seem to go back to where we were a few months prior? Or even worse, we have moved even further in the opposite direction of health and balance.

Ask me how I know. Now my story may not stick with some men out there, but trust me if you have ever been on the roller-coaster ride of trying to keep a healthy weight. Ever have an injury that changed everything, or suddenly what you could always eat, and drink now seems to sit around your middle like a flotation device? Then I got you!

"You are as unique as your fingerprint! So why would you think YOUR nutrition program shouldn't be as unique as you?"

Results have to be sustainable, realistic, and.... please for once, is it too much to ask to have them be satisfying too? Hold the sawdust and fertilizer please... give us something to eat that actually makes us smile.

So my story is not a unique one. Several kids down the road, busy work schedule, over loaded calendar, and now throw in the fact that I'm aging and I think my body has a mind of its own. Not even sure if I was the same person. The struggle was real! So I get super legalistic, remove all the fun with food from my life, and people say, "how do you do it; how do you stay so trim?" Not wanting to tell them that all the eating joy had left my life, I thought there has to be a better way...

Well there is...

Ask better questions, and you will always get better answers! Needless to say, that is exactly what I did. Complete turnaround! Even started making yummy noises again, LOL... for real! Nutrition coaching is not about "eat this"... it's about who are YOU? Drilling down to what really works for your lifestyle, your schedule, and where you are today! YOUR WAY! Our starting point is always about today. Exactly where you are today. I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely ready to start a new year!

The question is, "Are you ready to learn your personal nutrition formula?"
Your perfect secret sauce? Our nutrition coaching is one-on-one coaching. It's working together to build your personal recipe for success.

Instead of telling you what you can't eat... let's start with, "What's your favorite food?"

Book a FREE call today... I promise it's a low calorie and absolutely satisfying call!

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