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How Many More Reps?

Rarely do you hear more burpees please...

"Yes, ten more. That sounds great!" (said no one ever!)

In a sea of programs out there which one do you choose? Why?!

So many programs, so little time...

A little overwhelming? It goes without saying that there are so many different on-line fitness programs popping up. You may be doing one or more right now.

For just a moment let's take a step back and go beyond the burpee.

Curious, what do you think of when someone says "Fit, Fitness, or Training?"

Honestly, it seems a slightly different picture comes to mind for each of us. Why? These pictures are formed by our experiences to our current goals or even a vision of what was once achieved. If we really break it down to its most basic level, "fit" and "fitness" are about feeling good! It's about opening our eyes each morning and as our feet hit the floor being ready to take on the day! Doing the thing you love, maybe going on a new adventure or two, to playing with the kids. It goes beyond fitting nicely in your favorite jeans or your "go-to" shirt.

As we change, our vision of what fitness means changes, and what we need to do achieve it also changes.

In order to maximize results, achieve goals... no matter what that goal looks like for you personally there are a few things that you are going to need...

  1. A customized plan made just for YOU

  2. An accountability partner (the best way to stay on track)

  3. Easy access to it ALL

How do you know it's right for you?

"It's safe to say we have tried it all. "

What's right for you is exactly what we are here to figure out.

Combined, our team has over 90 years' experience. It's safe to say we have tried it all.

Why does that make a difference?


Don't appreciate the gym life?... no problem.

Can't go to the gym right now, but you love it?... no problem.

Fear of pain or former injury stopping you from moving forward?... NO PROBLEM.

Our team of coaches have been there, done that... got the t-shirt and the hat.

Yes, there are a lot of on-line programs out there, but are they really personalized for YOU?

You could take an on-line survey, and a plan will be sent to you, but who's checking in on you to see how you are doing? Making sure you are hitting your goals? Finding out about YOU? Who has been in your shoes at one point? Finding out what works best for you?

Building a relationship with you?

In the details is where it all comes together. Connecting you with the right coach is crucial for success and creating a lifestyle!

Fitness is fundamentally about doing things you enjoy! It should have elements of fun, while creating a sustainable lifestyle with measurable results!

We love what we do and helping you make the most of your available time and to energize every aspect of your life!

Don't buy into the lies that you have to work out for hours to get results. That "cardio" is the only way to burn calories. The truth is that in as little as one hour and a half per week you can get on track and start feeling fantastic... maybe so fantastic that you may say "add some burpees to my program please" ... okay maybe not burpees. :)

We want you to be in the right program! We want to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Let's find out together. Book a FREE call today!

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