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Gaining Extra Time and Making it Count!

Updated: May 29

Personal and professional obligations can often take over your life. Therefore, it is important to make a concerted effort to set aside time to engage in activities that you find meaningful and enriching. These are suggestions for freeing up an extra hour in your day and transforming it into meaningful time.

Carving Out an Extra Hour Each Day

1. Wake up earlier. Beat the morning rush hour. Early risers know how peaceful the house and office can feel before the regular day gets started. You will encounter fewer interruptions and get more accomplished in less time.

2. Work less overtime. Occasional overtime may be a fact of life but knowing your limits and managing your workload can help keep balance. Give you extra time and avoid burnout.

3. Streamline your housework. Your kitchen and bathroom may require daily maintenance, but many chores are more discretionary. If a room gets little use, vacuum once a week instead of daily.

4. Reduce your belongings. Cutting down on clutter is one of the most effective ways to wind up with more time. You will spend less time cleaning and maintaining your possessions.

5. Become more organized. Get organized by using a systematic approach to yield better results in less time. Coordinate your errands! Map them out so on the way to the grocery store instead of making a separate trip.

6. Simplify your look. Focus on your inner beauty. Maybe a haircut that you can maintain with minimal styling. Cut down on the number of beauty products you use. Limit your wardrobe to separates that easily coordinate with one another. Does it bring you joy? When was the last time you wore it?

7. Get disconnected. Turn off your phone for a while. Limit your Internet usage to specific purposes rather than surfing for hours. If it is not getting you closer to your goals, then put it aside. Turn off the TV, except for when you want to watch something special.

8. Delegate responsibilities. Identify tasks that you may be able to hand off to others. Help your children become more responsible by requiring them to take on some household chores. Consider hiring help from time to time for landscaping or other tasks around the house.

Making That Extra Time Count

1. Extend your mindful practice. Think about your life’s purpose and how to fulfill it. You may want to spend more time in meditation. When we ask better ,questions, we get better answers.

2. Get a mini morning workout to get the brain, heart, and body moving. These short but effective workouts boost your mood with dopamine, endorphins and get those neurons fired up.

3. Read for pleasure. Enjoy a great book! Reading classic literature, or high-quality non-fiction is likely to enhance your thinking and your conversational skills.

4. Invest in yourself. Get a coach to help you expand your vision, or create a vision for yourself. The possibilities are endless!

5. Help others. Giving back to your community is a guaranteed prescription for feeling happier. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or help coordinate the next fundraising event at your children's school.

6. Find a more meaningful career. Maybe there’s another line of work that looks more appealing than your current job. Start researching the possibilities and make connections with people in that field.

Stop time from slipping away! A few quick adjustments can give you extra hours to devote to the activities you love.

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