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Dieting Vs. Lifestyle Changes

Updated: May 29

Almost every single person has tried some kind of a “diet”. There are hundreds of different diets that have come and gone. All have promised the same magic of weight loss, a better life and more. The question is how many people have ever been able to sustain any of these diets for a lifetime? If you cannot sustain it for a lifetime, then it is most likely not good for you.

The word “diet” in itself implies something temporary. I strongly believe that psychologically it already sets people up for failure and they don’t even know it. Every diet out there has a beginning and an end. People are always excited about the latest new diet with its multitude of promises. What they don’t realize in the beginning is the devastation that comes when the diet is over of “what to do next." Most diets leave you hanging at the end and have no maintenance plan afterwards. How do you go back to “normal” eating? Have you really learned anything? Even more gut wrenching, is the feeling of failure once it’s over as the weight creeps back and often with even more added weight as one spirals back into depression. A crazy mental torment of highs and lows as the cycle of yo-yo dieting continues. Diets don’t work and its results are rarely ever permanent.

How can you break this cycle? Any diet is a band aid solution unless you actually make changes that are life long and permanent.

In order to be successful we must first change the mindset of “dieting” which already in my opinion creates a negative mindset to begin with. We need to shift the thinking from “diet” to a “lifestyle” change that supports sustainable healthy changes without an end. The focus being more on a journey of health and education. Each day learning and growing and becoming better than the day before. This kind of mindset prepares us for success, one day at a time. We are not just looking at a final end result, we are looking at an improved quality of life through better health. I have always believed that when we focus inward on our health, the body always follows.

When we talk about an overall “lifestyle” change this includes some of the following but not limited to:

  1. Clean eating

  2. Regular Exercise – including cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength

  3. Reduction of stress – finding that balance in our daily lives

  4. Adequate rest

If you are ready to stop dieting and make life long changes towards better health, schedule your free consultation today.

Geri Lara Berger



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