Our Why

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,

without diminishing that candle's glow.

Happiness never decreases by being shared 


Energize Your Way has been a long time coming!

Since Lala was a young girl she was passionate about people, always wanting to find out how she could help them obtain their goals and experience more joy in their everyday life. For over 30 years in the health and wellness industry her heart continually gravitated toward those who could not see how much potential they had, not knowing for many years that it was also a reflection of the work that she needed to do in herself. She then began to address the limiting beliefs that stop us from feeling great inside and out. It became very clear that the mission is to be of value and help others become the healthiest happiest version of themselves.


There is nothing more exciting than to see that glow in someone when they feel fantastic!  Being able to guide you through your journey and celebrate your success together is without a doubt our WHY and our true PURPOSE.

Sharing that light is WHY Energize Your Way was born!


Along the way meeting others gifted in fitness, nutrition, life coaching and health coaching, who like Lala , are inspired by helping you live your best life... the Energize Your Way Team was created.


We here at Energize Your Way are also delighted to give back 5% of our profits to three non-profit organizations. One is helping to create a healthier planet for all us to enjoy, another is offering a life- line for families who are battling cancer, and last, the third non-profit is helping  kids whose vision of the world may be small, due to their personal struggles, to see a big world is out there with endless possibilities!


Mahalo & Much Aloha,

Energize Your Way

What you feed yourself is what you become... so feed your heart, mind, and body well.

 Lalaneya Freedman, Founder